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We live in the age of data. Organisations gather increasing quantities of data, but not everyone knows how to use it well.

Leopard are very good at data and have been working with data since 2003. We like our data best when it looks like information that can be trusted. If someone trusts the information they are more likely to use it to make important business decisions.

We would like to help you work with your data. We know how to turn it into information. We are very strong on trust and quality. We work as your partners to see your business become more successful. We seek to operate in the way that best suits your way of working, and will always deal with you with the highest levels of integrity.

We work with organisations to get more out of their data. This can help them to be more efficient. To be Compliant. To cut costs. To increase revenue. To understand their business.

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Our Services

Business Intelligence

This is all about putting appropriate information in front of you that helps you to make better, more informed decisions. Read more here.

Data Warehousing

How many organisations do you know that have mission critical Excel spreadsheets that are used to inform their business decisions? So often we’ve seen critical decisions being made using information that comes from spreadsheets, but we can help to decrease risk and improve on these areas of your business. Read here for more information.

Project & Change Management

There are so many important elements of Data Projects that contribute to successful delivery, which are often forgotten. This highlights the importance of good Project & Change Management. Read here for more information.


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