Project & Change Management

Why do I need to speak to Leopard about Project & Change Management?

Project Management

There are so many aspects in Data Projects that are often forgotten, which are so important. In order to avoid problems we believe that you should pay attention to who is managing your Data Projects.

For example:

  • Do you have defined Data Owners that are responsible for the Data Quality?
  • Do you have a signed-off Data Specification written prior to starting your Data Project? 
  • Do you have a Communication Plan for when your data feeds fail?

These might be simple things, but you would be surprised how often they’re forgotten and overlooked. 


Change Management

The importance of effective Change Management cannot be understated, i.e. the people side of implementing projects. For example: 

  • Are you clearly highlighting risks and issues in your projects?
  • Are you communicating clearly and regularly to all stakeholders involved in the project?
  • Are you getting their buy-in from the start and as the project progresses?

Change Management, like Project Management, can make or break a project. It’s also often one of the most overlooked pieces of a PMO team. Although Leopard is a data company, we have recruited Change Management specialists because we recognise that the people-side of project implementation is absolutely key.



Project Management

Over the years of delivering successful Data Projects, we’ve worked our own methods into the standard Project Management practices (e.g. SCRUM, Prince2, etc..).  

We major on clear communication with all stakeholders (progress, issues and ensuring clear communication on promises), learning from previous successes and failures and ensuring that we plan a project with clear milestones and methods of delivery to ensure we all win.

Change Management

Change Management in it’s simplest form is about:

  • Appropriating risks and issues.
  • Engaging with all stakeholders through defined communication plans.
  • Writing project proposals that clearly address the key issues for all the stakeholder groups.



Project Management

We understand the project requirements clearly before we commence. We ensure we add value to the process. We ensure that the project is planned in a way that ensures delivery so as not to disrupt your organisation. We work with all your teams to ensure that ways of working and standard operating procedures are changed to align to the changes that are derived from the project. 


Change Management

Change Management as a practice is growing. More and more businesses understand the importance of their people. Project and program managers are appropriating risks and issues to change management requirements, stakeholders are more open to engaging with change practitioners, methodologies are maturing, and project proposals are highlighting the need for change management.

Although we are primarily a data company, we are also experts in change management and have recruited experts in this specialist field.

Project and Change Management are often areas that companies overlook or are not sure how to approach. With extensive experience in Data and People Projects, we could help you set up the management to ensure delivery.

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